XCP Digital Control Panel for Octane and Cetane Rating Units

The XCP Digital Control Panel brings a new level of functionality, increased automation, enhanced documentation capabilities and future expandability to the CFR fuel rating units. Designed with the operator in mind, the XCP panel is intuitive, easy-to-use and accommodates users of all skill levels. The XCP panel is now a standard feature on all octane rating units, and can be retrofitted to most existing CFR units. An XCP panel for the cetane units will be available commercially in 2015.


XCP Features

Easy-to-Use Panel Interface

The combination of a Windows-based touchscreen and a rugged industrial keyboard provides an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Operators can quickly become proficient and comfortable using the XCP Digital Panel. Standard features include on-screen reports, on-screen operation, maintenance and parts manuals, and internet/network connectivity. Built-in prompts, automated calculations, and data logging greatly reduce the chance for operator errors, and allow operators to be quickly cross-trained for improved work flow resulting in increased throughput and productivity.

More Consistent Results

The easy-to-learn software interface ensures that using the XCP will produce consistent and reliable results from operator to operator. In short, the XCP has been designed to promote compliance to the test methods independent of the operator.

Automated Data Recording

Critical information for each rating is automatically captured and displayed using bold graphics and easy-to-read charts. Fuel rating files include curves, calculations, tables, date stamps, and engine records, and are saved as an Excel file. The XCP is also capable of being integrated into a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

Increased Throughput

Laboratory supervisors often face the dilemma of having a reduced work force while also needing to have additional cross-trained operators to run more octane tests each shift. The XCP panel offers an easy-to-follow template that guides new or additional users through the fuel rating process while reducing operator interaction with the equipment.

Report Generation

All method critical operating parameters are captured during the rating process, providing a traceable log that can be reviewed for method compliance to ensure quality.

Reduced Maintenance

The XCP panel utilizes standard pressure transducers, which eliminates the need to use separate gauges for calibration. Integrated closed loop control of the oil, intake air and mixture temperatures have been incorporated, which allows “set it and forget” temperature control. In addition, a built-in maintenance log records engine hours, cylinder hours and oil-change intervals.

Equipment Protection System

A built-in Emergency Stop switch, oil pressure and condenser temperature shutdowns, 3-phase monitoring and synchronous thermal motor protection are now all standard and integrated into the digital panel. The panel meets CE Mark requirements.

Retrofit Capability

XCP Digital Panel retrofit kits are available for CFR octane rating units. Please contact your distributor for units manufactured prior to 1980.

XCP Octane Features

Automated Digital Knock Meter

Utilizing an automated software solution, the need to center on 50 Knock Intensity (KI) or be constrained by 0 - 100 KI has been eliminated. The digital meter also eliminates the need to set “SPREAD”, thereby allowing users to run with default settings – a huge time saver and a significant factor in reducing variability among operators. All information is provided on a single display with automated data recording, results calculation and report generation.

Electronic Barometer

The onboard electronic barometer allows operators to easily set the required ASTM/IP method correction factor for barometric pressure without the need to reference an external barometer. The use of onboard barometer saves time by allowing the operator to standardize the engine without the need for an external pressure reference.

Laser Cylinder Height Sensor

With the use of a non-contact laser sensor, the cylinder height settings are available on screen in dual dimension values. The new sensor delivers more accurate results by eliminating inherent problems with mechanical measurement systems.

Enhanced Productivity

Users can maximize the potential of the XCP panel when they utilize the falling level procedure option incorporated into the panel. When using falling level carburetors, the operation becomes semiautomatic because operator involvement is significantly reduced. (Falling level carburetors are now standard on new units.)

XCP Cetane Features

New timing pickups

· Increased accuracy and stability

· Lower-profile flywheel target

· LED on the sensors illuminates when target is in range

· Injector sensor is not sensitive to vibration or pressure pulsations in the fuel lines

User-friendly HMI

· Values are color-coded to indicate when the values are in-spec or out-of-spec

· Easier to train new users (the user does not need to memorize the values from the method)

· The appearance of the Dual Digital Cetane Meter (DDCM) on the HMI is similar to that of the Legacy style panel.  This commonality eases the transition from Legacy style panel to the new XCP panel.

Handwheel sensor

· Captures handwheel measurement, reducing operator error

· Easy to calibrate and maintain

Sensor data display

· Flywheel timing, combustion, and injection sensor data is shown on an real-time chart

· This display allows users to quickly troubleshoot errors by continuously updating the display

· User can easily tell when an injector nozzle needs maintenance, just based on the shape of the injector sensor curve

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